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 Experts In Pain Treatment

Body Applications physio & exercise therapy prides itself on being experts in pain treatment & rehabilitation.  We service patients from Labrador, Southport, Runaway Bay, Paradise Point, Arundel, Parkwood, Coombabah, & Hope Island. We also receive referrals from surrounding G.Ps, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, occupational therapists, & psychologists.

We have a holistic approach to treating problems including: headaches, neck and shoulder pain, whiplash, Lower back pain and sciatica, Muscle and ligament sprains and strains, sports injuries, and arthritic conditions amongst others.   Hands on treatment, and home exercise programs are devised specially for your condition plus a exercise therapy  studio forms the basis of our rehabilitation program.


Private Patients:

We have a HICAPS terminal which automatically claims the amount paid by the individual Private Health Insurance Companies, so that you need only pay the difference (Gap). We are a Medibank members choice & Bupa members first practice so if you have extras cover with either of these funds your gap paymant will be the least possible.

NB: Different health funds pay different amounts depending on the type of cover.

Medicare / E.P.C (care plan) Fully Bulked Billed

You may be eligible for up to five treatments per calender year under an enhanced primary care plan (E.P.C) or care plan. You have to be deemed eligible by your G.P to receive this referral under medicare.  Speak to your G.P about your eligibility. Please have your referral made out to  Body Applications.

Veteran’s Affairs Patients:

For the initial consultation  a Veteran’s Affairs patient we will need a D904 referral from a G.P. You will also be eligible to do exercise therapy under this referral.

Third Party Patients:

We are happy to deal with Insurance Companies and Solicitors direct when treating patient under third party claims, however, the client must be referred by a Doctor for Physiotherapy treatment.

Work Cover Patients:

For the initial consultation of a Work Cover patients we will need a Doctor’s referral stating the patient needs Physiotherapy and a claim number from Work Cover to advise that the claim has been accepted


We have an extensive range of products available for our patients needs:

  • Memory foam Pillows
  • Lumbar Rolls
  • Massage balls
  • Strapping tape
  • Heat packs / Ice Packs
  • Thera-tubing with handles

And many more, what we do not have in stock we are able to order in for you.

Exercise Therapy

Body Applications has one of the best equipped exercise therapy studios on the gold coast, providing our patients with the  unique ability of pain treatment & rehabilitation via exercises.

We offer machine based exercise therapy where you will have an individual program designed and monitored by a Physiotherapist. Exercise therapy can help with the follow:

  • Lower back pain & sciatica
  • Hip & groin pain
  • Neck & Shoulder pain
  • Arthritis
  • Posture correction & Flexibility
  • Core & general strehgth
  • Blanace & stability
  • Injury & post surgical rehabilitation

Sessions run for 55 minutes and are by appointment only with a maximum of four participants per session. You are not in a class as your program is tailor made to suit your condition / needs as determined by your physiotherapist.  You are best suited if you have significant pain or dysfunction to have a physiotherapy consultation first to see if you are able to start exercise therapy.

Health fund rebates apply ( see fees page).

Time Table

Our latest physiotherapy appointment is taken at 5pm and our latest exercise therapy session starts at 5pm.  We close at 3pm on Fridays and are closed on Saturdays.     

Physiotherapy times

               Sandy                             Scott

Mon            9am-5pm                                9am-12pm

Tue             1.30pm-5pm                           9am-5pm

Wed            1.30pm-5pm                           9am-5pm

Thu             9am-12pm                               9am-5pm

Fri                9am-3.30pm                      1.30pm-3.30pm


Exercise therapy times

                  Sandy                          Scott

Mon               nil                                         2pm-5pm

Tue                 9am-11am                            nil

Wed               9am-11am                            nil

Thu                2pm-5pm                             nil

Fri                   nil                                       9am-11am


 Foot Pain  

Your foot is the first point of load transfer up to your knee and from there to the hip and lower back / spine. Your foot has four layers of muscles and many joints and ligaments, which are all designed to move (flex / extend) when we walk, run or sprint. However, the vast majority of shoes have a largely rigid sole and a raised heel resulting in poor foot mechanics which can cause pain directly at your foot or further up the chain at your knee, hip or spine.

We are technically designed to not wear anything on our feet, however foot coverings have been developed to protect our feet from sharp objects and harsh conditions such as extreme heat and cold. When muscles and joints are not allowed to move through their normal range of motion (ROM) the muscles shorten (get tight) and the joints become immobile (stiffen).

Since wearing leguanos patients have found their gait (walking) pattern has improved as their feet can now work correctly as it was designed. Patients report feeling like they are gliding or more efficiently walking. They do take some time to get used to as your muscles and joints will not be used to working correctly so it’s suggested to wean into them and use a smooth massage ball to help relieve any aching in the sole of your foot. This is normal as your muscle and joints are adjusting so persist as “persistence pays off”.

Please note that if you have highly deformed feet these shoes may not be for you, but you won’t know until you try them.

leguano Australia, barefoot shoes made in Germany

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    • All muscle and joint pain
    • All sports injuries
    • Lower back pain and sciatica
    • Hip and groin pain
    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Headaches
    • Posture correction / Flexibility
    • Core strength / Spinal rehabilitation
    • Balance
    • Injury and post surgical rehabilitation
    • All health funds accepted (Hicaps)
    • Work Cover
    • Veterans' Affairs
    • 3rd party / insurance claims
    • Medicare (E.P.C / Care plan) fully bulk billed

    • Massage
    • Joint mobilization and stretching
    • Joint manipulation
    • Heat therapy
    • Ultrasound
    • Interferential (electrical current)
    • Strapping
    • Home exercises
    • Posture correction
    • Education
  • Medibank Private
    Credit Card Accepted Here